Time for Steinberg Cloud to support for third party plugins?

I think there is totally a need for a comprehensive solution to manage my plugins with a single interface, and forget about backing up install files and extra passwords. Auto-update.
Adobe has it’s little system for plugins.
With trying to shut down VST2 arguably the most successful plugin format ever many people might feel confused with where VST technology will be in the future. Do they want to invest in a new platform that will be dead in 3-5 years?
I think Steinberg is really behind in this area and I am surprised there is no other big service like this for another plugin format like ProTools. There probably will be soon enough if there isn’t already.
If they are able to finally pull off the dongle-less protection I think it could be successful and good for all the Steinberg family of audio software.

hi Beerbong

I’m a bit confused about what you are asking for. I agree that the plugin management could do with a bit of an update (renaming for a start!) but I don’t think that’s what you’re suggesting ?

Also VST 2 isn’t going away, even after more than 20 years - SB will support VST2 in their HOSTS for years to come. VST3 is the future though and that’s fully supported.

You go on to mention the dongle - and I’m not really sure where this fits in ?

Oh sorry. I’m thinking of something that would be outside of Cubase but for plugin management and would ultimately replace the current downloader and include more third party support. By plugin management, I mean purchasing, installation, updating, and uninstallation.