Time for Steinberg Cloud?

Because I am working in Cubase 10 on desktop en laptop, it would be awesome to have no dongle anymore. especially because I need the space for other usb-things
Slate digital is now dongle free, I mean to say no actual hardware usb dongle, but you can activate your plugins in their “cloud”

awesome this is yes!

So it is possible Steinberg! I think al lot of people will be enthusiastic to say goodbye to the blue usb-friend :wink:

Who is in with development and would love to see it soon in steinberg products?

+1. I’d like the ability to leave my USB Key at the studio but be able to open my software on Laptop at home. i’ve been playing the dangerous game of bringing USB licence keys from studio to home and back for a few years now. Sometimes I forget them and theres that ‘gotcha’ moment at home where I cant do anything.


+1 No brainer.

While I’m all for some solution that would negate the use of a copy protection dongle, the last thing I’d want to see is a cloud-based scheme requiring an internet connection. Think about it. the connection goes down or, you’re in a venue where internet connectivity is an impossibility. I think you’d be singing a different tune then. Also….think about this: making the program cloud-based could open the door to Steinberg considering the rent/subscription model. And that would completely suck.*

As much as the dongle is an inconvenience to some and despised by many, you have to admit, it’s been extremely effective blocking piracy of the program. Seriously….when was the last time you saw a cracked working full copy of Cubase on the ‘net?

* If you think I’m kidding about this, check out this HALion survey near the end of it:

Edit: this survey lapsed on March 20th. Somewhere near the end of it, there were questions asking if you’d consider purchasing HALion on a subscription basis. This line of questions makes it obvious the Steinberg braintrust is considering adopting this business model. Software rental works for a 2.6 billion dollar company like Adobe because they basically have a monopoly on a wide range of visual editing tools. Steinberg doesn’t, as the DAW market is quite competitive.

I am more for VST subscription method than for the DAW.

Completely agree.
I’d rather have 20 dongles than a susbcription model.

-1 Cloud

-1 Cloud, I hope not!


I’m all for going dongle-less, but a subscription model is not wanted here.

I also do not want a copy protection where it’s required to be online every time I start the program. If it’s needed after install to verify and register the computer in question, fine, but not every time. Like previously stated in other topics regarding the same thing, please look at Studio One and give us something similar to that.