Time Format Issue in 10.5.x

I checked it many times and am very serious to put this into issue forum.
Starting Cubase 10.5.12 primary and secondary time format in transport bar are the same but other than shown in ruler at the top of project window. Therefore pressing comma don’t change anything. If I change one of them by mouse, then all works perfectly - pressing comma key changes time formats as it is described in manual.

I think it was in 10.5.0 too, but not sure for that. Cannot check. In version 10.0.50 all is okay.?

So, it seems that it is bug. Something happened to the transport bar, because tempo field also is full of bugs. They live there and I’m aware of moving mouse near it. There are monster bugs, they eat my time, my ideas, my sketches… Please help! :wink:
(P.S. I reported here earlier about Tempo field at transport bar)


I cannot reproduce it here I can see 2 different times and they swap by using . Key Command.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Okay, I started Cubase with Safe start, firstly disabled preferences,
then checked that all is okay on new project.
Then I start in Safe mode and deleted preferences.
Then I open any project and - all the same - both time formats are the same and cannot be switched with shortcut “.”

It is so disturbing these days, because I often jump from one project to another many times a day.


That’s pity that you didn’t try to load an old project when the preferences were disabled. That would be an interesting information.

Now, when your preferences has been deleted, what happens if you start a new project? Does it work as expected?

Are your projects all the same (based on one template)? Could you share one of the project (even empty, without data), please?