Time format - Seconds: are negative values possibile?


is it possible with Cubase having negative time values when selecting “Seconds” as main time format?
Like for bars and beats. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure, on the project setup, start time seems to be formatted for time code. I see that if you set time code to zero on a particular locations, Project start on seconds will follow correctly. :slight_smile:

It’s possible in some others DAW’s, I don’t think so in Cubase although I would find it useful in some cases.

You can set that here:

Thanks! I had figured there out. Even though those are time code values I realized that Seconds follows time code values.

One situation where that is very useful to me is when clients send mixing notes. For example: “Can you please do XYZ at 1:15?” And 1:15 never corresponds to the to 1:15 of the session, but only to the bounce sent.
Setting the timecode to 0 exactly where you have a cycle marker for the print, makes instantaneous understand client’s comments within the session.

Yes. Measures can be negative and everything else supports that except for the timeline.

Probably I haven’t been very clear, but negative timeline values are possibile, simply setting the time code. Timeline will follow timecode. :slight_smile:

Ok, I thought I tried that before is all.