Time frame for Dynamics Lane Reinstatement?

Hi Daniel, I know it is a crazy day for you all - The new version is wonderful in many ways so many congratulations! I’m just wondering how long before the dynamics lane gets reinstated? - I know it was mentioned in the webcast and in one of Anthony’s videos, but it is quite an important omission at present. Thank you!


It’ll be coming in a forthcoming maintenance update, but we don’t have a firm schedule yet. There will be a small maintenance update very soon (within a couple of weeks, hopefully) and it won’t be in there, but hopefully in the one after that.


Thank you for the reply - Good to know it’s in the pipeline. I’m afraid that wonderful as all the new features are, the dynamics lane is something that I can’t really work without. But no worries, I will wait for the updates. Thank you to the whole team for all your hard work!!