Time line delay on long SL 7 projects

Ive loaded a full 1 hour 33 mins of a mix into SL7 and the time line follows the project but as time goes on it gets more and more out of sync with the waveform , if you press stop and restart it will follow as it should , anyone else having this issue ?

I’ve loaded 1 hr+ 24/48 stereo tracks into SL7 and applied effects. I’ve yet to have a sync problem with playback.

You should really post more details. For instance, you don’t even tell anyone what OS you’re using. I’m using Win 10.

Hi thanks Poinzy
I’m not too bothered about it it’s just visually not as it should be , could be my old system that’s why im asking :grin:

My OS is in my card :upside_down_face:

Well, maybe Robin will have some suggestions, nonetheless.

Yep , hopefully it was just really a heads up , i could even be i had the Asio on a higher latency , i can’t remember what it was set on as im going from SL7 to C11 not via the extension soi might of left it on 1024