In Notes windows, when I click on TIME MARKER, the marker is always displayed at the beginning of the windows, even if the cursor is elsewhere.

What we need is to put the TIME MARKER where the cursor is located.

I think it worked well before.

cannot reproduce:

  • new project
  • in Notes, paste some “lorem ipsum” Text several times until several pages are filled
  • locate to bar 17 (or whatever)
  • place cursor in Notes to about middle
  • insert time anchor: inserts exactly where it should.

Note that when you leave the Notes Editor (switch to a different view), it may loose its focus and internally set the cursor to beginning of document (or maybe page). The Notes view has to have the focus (thin blue line around the entire view).

Tested with v 1.1.41

I’m using last version 1.1.41.
Maybe this issue can be related to the fact that my project have been created with a previous version ?
Or also, I imported the text from HTML file.

No idea, you may send the project file (just the .vlprj file) for us to have alook.

Hi @musicullum,

There is still the issue but not always… and I don’t find how to reproduce exactly…
Maybe one day :slight_smile: