Time on time

Hi Everyone,

In reading through the user guide timeline section, I didn’t see a way of doing time on time (a musical device common in modern orchestral work), for example one track is in 4, and a counter part on a different track is in 13/8. Is this possible? Thanks much!


I’m afraid not. In Cubase the time signature is common to all the tracks. You have to count your beats yourself. Shouldn’t be too hard a job, though.

Wow, that sounds like fun.

I wonder if you could record the one audio part, put it in linear time base (and make sure it’s not in musical mode, though I’m not sure that bit is necessary), change the tempo, then record/overdub the 2nd part.
Calling Msr. vic_france … (is there some sort of Bat-signal we could give when we need him? :smiley: )