Time out when doing Export Audio Mixdown.

hi guys.

i’m trying to complete an export audio mixdown from cubase 6 for the first time. there’s no problem with 3 of the 4 tracks, but i keep getting a time out when doing one of the tracks. the export procedure seems to start ok, but i get the time out after a few seconds.

have any of you had the same issue? and why is this only happening on one of the tracks?

any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

ian c.

You could try the following steps: (if you didn’t already)

If you’re exporting real time try non-realtime or vice-versa.

Change the destination folder/drive in case a disk problem.

Flatten as much processing as possible…any variaudio or warping + freeze or render instruments.

hi grim.

hmmm, that’s interesting, i’ve just tried switching the realtime off and it worked! i don’t know why, but it worked.

any ideas as to why this would have happened? anyone?
i wouldn’t have thought it was a particulalry busy song, with only 11 tracks of straight audion. and truth be told i hadn’t done a massive amount of work on it, so wouldn’t have thought that was the issue.

anyway, many thanks for your help. much appreciated.

ian c.