Time relative from loop marker

How do you get the time (min:sec) from the start of the loop marker, as opposed to the time on the transport which is absolute from the beginning of the track?

Screenshot attached.

Click on the “Project” tab located in main menu bar. Then select “Ruler” from the pop up menu. This will load a “Ruler Track”. Now click on “Bars & Beat” on the “Ruler Track”. This will pop up a menu. On that menu select seconds & voila ! :smiley:

Hmm, that just gives you an additional timeline, starting from the same beginning of the project.
Ruler tracks don’t seem like much use, really, since the original timeline is always there. They may give you an alternate format for the timeline, but that’s already available on the transport.

However, there is an “Add Cycle Marker” option if you right click “Track Control Settings” on the Marker Track.
Apparently the “Add” function is hidden by default, so you have to manually install it as a visible control before you can then create Cycle Markers.
Cycle Markers only display with the same properties as the Timeline though, so if you want to go from bars and beats, say, to seconds , you’ll have to change your main timeline settings instead.

Anyway, if you then want the OP’s readout that’s relative to his loop’s local starting point, you can place a Cycle Marker there. As long as it’s selected with the mouse, its info is visible in the info bar at the top of the screen.
Not too automatic, but it beats doing modulo 60 math in your head to figure out time positions.