Time ruler / length of events in mm:ss

When digitizing sound recordings, I often need to know the length of an audio event. Or I have an indication that a movement is 8:23 long and should be cut there.

If the time ruler is set to “bars and beats”, the playing time is not displayed in mm:ss in the status line.
If you change the time ruler to seconds, the playing time duration is displayed in mm:ss.
And this way I can easily find a position like 8:23 (mm:ss) because the time ruler is also in mm:ss.
But every time I set the timecode at the beginning of an event on the position pointer to 0:00:00 - the time ruler resets to “bars and beats”, much to my annoyance. I basically have to change the time ruler every time. And to my surprise, there is no shortcut for this.
I want to set the time code to 0:00:00 at the beginning of an event, find the position e.g. 8:23 (mm:ss) on the time ruler and cut it - from there set the ruler back to 0:00:00 … and so on … But every time the time ruler jumps back to beats.

Does anyone have a solution that I’m missing?

By default the key command for switching between the primary time display and the secondary time display is . (the full stop key)

Thank you. Sorry, but I do not get it. What is a full-stop-key?
And what is a primary and secondary timeline?
Do you mean the button for the point “.”? Nothing happens there.

Maybe you refer to it as the point key. Punkt-Taste in German :grin:

Maybe it does not work because the key command was deleted. You can find here (using C12 on PC):

Another reason why it won’t work might be because you have not defined a secondary time display yet.
In the Transport Bar you can drag out the position display with the three dots icon to display the secondary time.

Does it work now?

Thanks, that solved the problem. In fact, the shortcut was deleted and I couldn’t find the command either.
It was about the upper timeline, which is supposed to show beats or times mm:ss. This works now after I set up a shortcut. Thanks for your screenshot.