Time Ruler Units

Units only go down to a millisecond.

I’ve just upgraded from my much loved wavelab lite which went down to 1000ths of a millisecond.

I need that extra detail to work out super accurate bpms. Can this “upgraded” version display the more detailed units?

Desperate Dan

What version exactly did you upgrade to? Since this is the WL7 forum…

I’ve got Wavelab Elements 7, so I think I’m on the right forum.

I upgraded to the latest release after posting, but no change.

Wow. 1/1000000th of second? One millionth of a second. That’s so amazing. At 192k sample rate that’s 1/5th of a sample. Wow.

I think at CD quality, one sample is around 23 millionths of a second.

In wavelab 7, around 50 samples have the same time.

Its just a case of having the ruler at the top show the required detail when you drill down to maximum zoom.