[Time sensitive!] Need help with which version to buy please

Hi there!

I am purchasing the software for a friend’s birthday, I know nothing about it so need some help please :slight_smile:

He had a subscription to Elements but it has expired and he hasn’t renewed it yet.

Is it the full $149 version that I need to purchase, as if it were a new subscription? Or do I purchase an upgrade which is $17 as that’s where it takes me for “existing users”?

And then as a separate question, if I wanted to take advantage of the current 40% off deals, what would be the best way to go about that?

Thank you in advance!

Cubase does not work on subscription models. If he did not „renew it“, he probably had the trial version? In that case you need the full $149 version.
For the 40% off deal you need an existing full version, which you can then update or upgrade. So in your case you could buy the full elements version for $149 and then upgrade to Cubase Artist for 40% off. Or if you own a Cubase LE 4 or higher, AI version, Ou could update to Elements 10.5 with 40% discount.

Thanks so much for the reply! It took so long for this post to get approved that I just made a decision haha but I bought the $149 one, and then he can upgrade if he wants to. Thanks for the advice!

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