Time sensitive question regarding suitable midi keyboard

G’day from Australia.

I need to get a midi keyboard controller to enter the music as well as to have shortcuts for the various commands.

My computer desk will only have room for a 3 or 4 octave midi keyboard.

Folk here have mentioned having drum pads (I think that is the right term) on the keyboard so that they can have keyboard shortcuts added to them, which I believe is a great idea.

In Australia at the moment a computer retailer has keyboards on special (for only two weeks though), and I wonder if some kind soul could have a quick look and let me know what you reckon would be a good choice of keyboard. I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, so probably can go up to around $250 AU.

Here is the link https://djcity.com.au/category/studio-gear/midi-keyboards/?sale_products=on

I have Windows 10.

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Dorico is an awesome program. Congratulations to the developers and keep up the great work.



Any of those should be good: it’s a matter of finding the one that best makes use of your desk space, and I’d suggest you’d get the most value out of the one with the most pads which you can map to commands in Dorico.

If I could offer 1 piece of advice, try to get one with an LCD screen or some other method of viewing information.

In a small keyboard (2-4 octaves), you will need to jump around the octave range. This becomes trial and error if you have no read-out to reference. I bought a BlueTooth 3 octave keyboard thinking it was awesome. And there is a lot of coolness to it, however, I can never tell what octave I am in, for it lacks a screen. I have to hit notes first, then change the octave appropriately. While this isn’t a big deal. It does become cumbersome and unnecessary.

In looking at that list, I have personally used some Korg equipment and they are good. So is Alesis. Novation seems to be everywhere now, so I am thinking that they are entering the market pretty strongly. But as Paul said, its going to come down to what fits your space best.

I have owned 6 MIDI keyboards or so, and for notation software, they all pretty much do the same thing. So I don’t believe you will go wrong with any of these options.

Good Luck,

your Midi keyboard probably has a method to reset to the default octave.
I press (Octave) Up and (Octave) Down at the same time, so I know, where I am.
This I use for inputting bass lines.
For inputting higher melody lines I just (after having hit the double key combination) press (Octave) Up twice - and I know, where I am. It is all without try and error :slight_smile:

The Novation launch key mini is probably your best bet… it is cheap, has the most pads and a smaller form factor. Just depends if you want more octaves or not. Alternatively, while the larger ones are not listed, Alesis VI series keyboards are phenomenal bang for buck and if you can afford them, they have semi-weighted keys which feel MUCH better than “synth action keys” (which is code for cheeeeeeeap)


These have many, many, many assignable buttons.


I’ll look into that. I have never seen that in the documentation, but hopefully you are correct. Because that would make life a lot easier since I am missing any kind of screen to see what is going on.



I researched it, and you are 100% correct. The octave up and down together, reset the octave.

Thanks for the info.