Time sig bug

Was there any fix for this:

Any manual note spacing adjustments, perhaps?
It’s impossible to know what’s causing it from a partial screenshot. What else is going on on that page (to the right and beneath the existing screenshot)?

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I wonder if the time signature itself has some sort of adjustment in the engrave mode properties panel, or if something weird’s going on with the rit (it could be something to do with it locally being abbreviated from ritardando, for instance). Other than that without seeing the actual file I’m not sure what to suggest (and I’m afraid I’m away from my computer for the next few hours).

Hopefully someone else can chime in.

Does it happen with Condensing Off? Might some of the time signature be local? (If you select one, are they all selected?)

Can you delete it and re-apply it?

Spacing offset seems like a workaround

No properties in Engraving. No change with rit.

Can you check where the rit is semantically attached? I’m wondering if it’s actually attached later in the bar and has been manually shunted left in Engrave mode.

This looks like the the same bug as in this thread from a couple years ago. See the last post for Daniel’s explanation.

But there isn’t a key change in Geir’s example, is there?

That’s why I said “looks like”… I just wanted to provide the link for reference.

Could it be something related to the double barline?

Something is taking up space here.
My guess is, it must be to do with the horns and their key signature.

What about the (mp espress. <) attached to horns 1 and 3? Could they be the culprits?

Good thinking. This shows what causes the problem.
The ob.2 has an instrument-change with key-signature.
How to fix?

Ah ha!! Is there a way to move the instrument switch in Ob. 2 to a later measure?

Changed my setting here to “Before first note in new instrument”

I’d like the key-changes to not appear mid-system when not needed. And empty staff is showing old instrument, not new (as wanted). But, I guess this is as good as it gets right now.

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Great improvement, of course! (And since that’s a Layout Option, the part can be independently set to show the instrument change after the last note in ob. 2.)

Yes, hopefully that will work well in parts.