Time Signature: 11/8 and other odd values?

How can I adjust the time signature to odd values, for example 11/8, in cubasis?
I can only choose from 2/4 to 7/4 in the drop-down-menu…

I am using Windows shortcut keys here so translate to Mac if needed

  1. Ctrl + T (enters time map)
  2. Hold Alt to select pencil tool, then click at the top of time grid in bar you want to change time signature. It defaults to 4/4…double click the “4/4” to highlight and use keypad to enter 11/8 or any other value.

Hope this was adequate explanation if not let me know and I will try again, its easy to do.

This is the Cubasis for iPad forum. Not PC or Mac desktop.


No worries, as for the original poster, these are the only time sigs availale for the moment. There has been talk about adding more options and possibilty of changing time sig mid song. Something in a future release down the line perhaps.