Time Signature 12/8

Using Cubase 7.5
My piece has time signature 12/8. That is, I expect to find a measure divided by 4, and in each division I expect to find 3 sub-divisions. I set the Time Signature to 12/8 from measure 9. But I get this (see attached).
As you will see, the measure is divided into 6! Not 4. And the sub-divisions are 3. So in a measure I get 18, and not 12.

Needless to say this causes havoc with the timing (and when I export as MusicXML) when I quantize to 1/8T! (see attached).

Question: how can I set time signature to 12/8 correctly?



The picture is completely correct. By 12/8 signatory, you get 12x1/8 notes. Note 1/8T notes. 12/8 doesn’t mean the Bar is divided by 4 and every 4 divided by 3. These are really triplets. 12/8 means the Bar is divided by 12, and every single unit is 1/8 long = 12/8.

In 7.5 you can write in 12/8 with the grid set to dotted 8ths to mimic 12/8 time. But this is a poor workaround compared to the new functionality that was added in Cubase 9 – a feature that enables proper display of compound time sigs. so if you buy the update you’ll be able to have the correct display. Click Patterns

12/8 is used as a compound time signature most of the time, and Cubase has finally learned how to do it in the midi editor. (Score Editor has always been able to.)

Ok thanks! I have since learnt that I probably need the piece to be 4/4 with triplets where needed. That does what I want this time.

Thanks all.