Time signature after last bar in a system

Is it possible to do what is in the image. The time signature is NOT a cautionary time signature. The next system has no time signature. It is to indicate that on the DC one goes back to 2/2

I don’t understand the question… Isn’t this the exact default behavior? If you change meter before a system break, there’s a cautionary meter change. What about the key signature? Since we don’t know what it was at the beginning of first staff, difficult to answer but if you choose the default Notation options, naturals do not show to cancel prior sharps or flats.

Re-read my question. This is NOT a time signature change on the next system. I want to display the time signature ONLY at the end of the line after the bar line. I’m attaching page 1 of 2 to better illustrate the problem. See the line before verse 3. A 2/2 time signature at the end of the line, but a 3/2 time signature at the start of the next line.

It’s annoying, but doable I think:

At the end of the 2nd system, I created a 2/2 pickup bar, followed by a 3/2 bar on the next system. Hide the cautionary 3/2 bar with a hidden Coda on the next system, remove the rest in the pickup bar, shrink that bar down with the Note Spacing Tool until the 2/2 is positioned correctly, change the barline at the end of the system to a dashed barline with a dash length of 0.

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How on earth could I imagine such thing reading your first post? :person_shrugging:
You did well by sending that full page picture :wink: and got a working solution in no time!

For the job I’m doing I’m not sure this coda trick would work since my final product I have to submit is a musicxml file for an interface that doesn’t handle codas.

I thought I explained myself in the description - it wasn’t a cautionary time signature and there was no signature on the next line. That makes sense to me. Unfortunately, I need a solution that doesn’t involve codas.

If you are exporting an XML, I don’t think the fact that they are codas in Dorico matters.

Starting a new Flow would hide the cautionary too. Or just ignore it for now and add the cautionary in using whatever the final output product is.