Time signature and dashed barline


Is it possible that Dorico input automaticla dashed barlines

I want to creat a 5/8 time signature and want a dashed barline after the 3rd eight not
3/8|2/8 is not what I want.

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You can add a dashed barline anywhere. Make the first bar 5/8, add a dashed barline in the middle, and make the following bar 3/8 | 2/8… and then hide that time signature.

…and then add a bar number change to bar 3 to call it bar 2!


For some reason, I need to divide a bar into four or five subparts.

I have realised that Dorico automatically changes the second half of the bar when creating a barline as of the version 3.1.10. So creating a bar number into bar 3 result in two bars numbered as bar 3 on the system track. It is amazing!

However, if I create more barlines, then Dorico does not automatically do it. Is there no way to automatise the process?