Time signature + beaming question

To learn Dorico I’m working my way through Bach’s 48, starting each piece.

In Book 2 Prelude 5 I can’t see how to add the second time signature, 12/8. Can it be done with the time sig popover? If it has to be inserted as text then what font is it? I can’t seem to select the 12/8 example at the bottom of Section 4.6 in the SMuFL webpage for copying.

And I can’t see how to make the run of 4 semiquavers beam with a double beam for all 4. It splits into 2 pairs.

Any thoughts? I’ve searched the Dorico forum with no joy.

JSB48,Bk2,Prel5.zip (270 KB)

See the attachements, s1 for write mode and s2 for engrave mode. Sorry for the language …

Time sig solved. Thank you so much!

Beaming question still open…

Simple select all involved notes (for example by clicking on the beam) and say “beam” from the edit menu.

Ha! I was looking for a notation option. In the English menu it’s “beam together”.
Thanks again!
On to the next of the 48. The thread on starting fugues with bar rests in two voices is spot on. Screenshot attached just for interest.