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Hi, i am not a musician as such and i dont claim to be , however i have a slight dilema, i have an analogue track from the 90’s which i put together and for the life of me i need some help, is there a way using CB Pro or any other application or method that could help me find the correct time signature and bpm of an analogue track? i know it can be done to a digital recording but analogue??? i just cant seem to work it out :frowning:

Any advice would be welcome
thnk you

Cubase as digital audio workstation software can only handle digital recordings. You need to record your analog recording in cubase first(connect your analog player to your audio device), then you can use it to calculate your tempo and signature.

See manual page 610 and following ones.

hi, thanks for the reply, yes i am aware that you can load the sound into CB but choosing the correct signature and tempo before importing is crucial, ie say i load the track into default cb, 120bpm, 4/4, if i try to add a media bay loop to the original track the loop will play at 120 which will be out of sync with the original recording, this is why i asked if there was a concrete way to determine the original bpm ts of the analogue
thank you

You set the tempo AFTER importing to Cubase.

Time signature is not so simple…but if you expect to be able to add lops from media bay I’m guessing this is a standard 4/4?

ok, grim but how would i know the correct tempo on an analogue track? also not necessary 4/4 because most loops i have tried just wont fit the bpm of the track :frowning:

You would run tempo detection to create a new tempo map for the project

See page 920 of the operations manual.

As far as signature is concerned you have to work this out for yourself…or put the music up somewhere so someone else can tell you.

now that sounds interseting :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hi, i’m stuck at 3:49 to : 55… how do i get the white screen shot to force the fixed tempo? pleeeaaassseeee


That’s in the Audio Pool where you set the file to musical mode

ahhhh :slight_smile: found it thank you Grim :slight_smile: it’s still a little iffy tho lol but thank you

Yeah…iffy is about as good as it gets…I usually resort to doing it manually and mostly visually with timewarp (with some tweaking by ear when running through with the click afterwards)

Others swear by tapping along and generating a tempo map from that but I find it hard to get it tight enough that way.

same here… time warp is my next look at getting things in perspective, thanks Grim :slight_smile:

Rather than bend the tempo of Cubase to the analog track, a system I use is to set Cubase tempo so it tracks as closely as I can get it ie.120.045bpm.

I do this by setting a beat at the beginning and adjusting computer bpm by looking at barlines further and further down the track. Since reel to reel tape machines wow and flutter to some extent, I then cut the analog track every few bars or beats as necessary to get it to sit nicely alongside a new click track.
New Kik.JPG
New Kik close up.JPG
Whilst this isn’t purist, the result is in perfect time (relative to computer clock - I won’t debate musical merit here). I finally crossfade any overlaps and fill any tiny gaps by pulling one side of the cut towards the other. Once you overlay say a new bass drum, or drum loop, the result is very close to perfect.

You may need to process loops or set them to play at the exact tempo. I rarely use pre-made patterns, so the tempo not being an exact number of BPM isn’t a problem for me.

thank you for your contribution, but wow thats way over my head lol, besides the track i was talking about was a finished stereo song, all instruments and vocal on one audio file, i think your method on my track would be pains taking, but again thank you