Time signature bug problem

Dorico shows 7/4 as only time signature used in Flow but there is a bug (screenshot). I have no idea how to fix this:

PS: Any chance to change double dotted half note to {half note + dotted quarter note}?

I just deleted that bar, created new and it is working but I wonder why Dorico forgot main time signature…?

Welcome to the forum @Bartek_Tyburowski !

When you change the time signature earlier in a flow than another existing time signature (or in this case, double barline which overrides the “default” pattern of barlines, which comes from the prevailing time signature), Dorico won’t insert extra beats unless Insert mode is active. This preserves the relationships between notes/rests, but as you discovered can lead to the last bar before the later existing time signature/barline not having enough beats in it.

Make sure Insert mode is active when changing time signatures, if you want Dorico to add extra beats of time at the end of the affected region.

I see. Thank you!

Thank you, Lillie! I had a 3/4 time sig I couldn’t change and that did it!!!

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