Time signature: Change denominator within one project

Good evening,

I am working on a new setting of a larger score in which the composer uses notes as denominators in the time signatures. This is not the first work for this composer - however, I am now facing a problem.
I have set the notation settings to show the denominator as beat length throughout the project. So that a 6/8 bar is displayed as 2/punctuated quarter. This works wonderfully - but in some bars the 6/8 bar must be displayed as 6/8.
Is there a trick to select how the time signatures are displayed?
I have also tried it the other way round (generally only the note duration is displayed and then I switch it in the object properties) - but then I get the following result:

Thank you for your help!


What you want is the „Nennerstil“ control in your screenshot. Set the Engraving option for the style you want most often, and use Properties (in English it’s “Denominator style”) for the exceptions.

The problem here is, that you can’t have both in one project:
Screenshot 2021-11-22 213232
Screenshot 2021-11-22 213306
(It has already been discussed on the German forum with no solution)

Yes you can…

An explanation or a project would be helpful …

There’s no trickery involved, beyond being explicit about the beat group. Dorico always assumes 6/8 is two groups of three, so you have to tell it otherwise.
time-sig.dorico (376.7 KB)

Now I see. I was trying it the wrong way round!

Great! As far as I can see, this solves my problem. Only thing is, I have to chnage the time signatures in the whole 180 pages score… :confused: But, okay - as long as I have solved this problem, this will be about 30 minutes or so.

Just one further question: In a few bars I need the time signature 4/double whole note (I hope this is the correct english translation). I now managed to write it as 8/whole note.

It is possible to create double whole notes with the Popover dialogue?

No, because the popover won’t accept fractional values. Ideally you’d want 4/0.5. I think the best you can manage is…

Entered as [2+2+2+2]/1.

(This is a surprising wrong result!!)

When you want a time signature of 4/double whole note, you could enter [4]/1,8 into the meter popover and set the properties for numerator and denominator styles as shown by @Janus above. Then enter 8/1 as the time signature in the following measure and hide it.

If you would rather have a round double whole note in the denominator of the time signature, then enter [4]/2,16 into the meter popover.


So great!!! Thank you! Problem solved! I was asking myself for months…