Time signature change or update

I love Dorico but I find it annoying when I’d like to change/update the time signature in the middle of a piece and Dorico does change the time signature in a bar but it doesn’t adjust the number of rests. I’m updating one bar from 9/16 to 12/16 and as I apply new time signature, the numbers change but it does not give me any extra rests. How odd. I can just change it to whatever and it only updates the numbers at the start of a bar. Interestingly, when I start a new document and do the same, it indeed provides me with extra rests automatically to reflect the new time signature.

If you want Dorico to insert time when adding a time signature in the middle of a flow, you need to turn on Insert mode before adding the new time signature.

This is documented in the Note at the top of this page, for instance: Inputting time signatures with the popover

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Thank you, pianoleo very much! :slight_smile: