Time signature change problem

I have this small piece of 9 bars in 4/4 and I want to change bar 5 to 9/8.

  • First I insert the extra 8-note in bar 5, which moves everything to the right by one 8th.
  • I then change the TS of bar 5 to 9/8.
  • I then intend to change back to 4/4 in bar 6, but because this bar now starts with a 4-note TIED OVER from bar 5, I’m unable to change the TS in bar 6 back to 4/4 without ruining bar 5 (it effectively becomes 7/8, but still shows 9/8)
  • ??

Yes, I’ve noticed that you can’t select a note (for example at the beginning of a bar) if that note is tied over from the previous bar. i had to deconstruct the tie - enter the time sig and then re-enter the ties.

may I ask how you deconstructed the tie…? Thanks…

select the first note of the tie and re-enter its rhythmic value -the second/third etc. notes in the tie-chain will then revert to rests. You can then add your time sig and reconstruct the tie-chain.

Ok, thanks, that is more or less what I did, but it’s way to cumbersome in a composing situation, for me at least…

We are likely to have a better tool to cut ties in one of the upcoming patch releases.

If you have the caret placed at the position of the first or second note, re-entering just that notes duration (no insert mode) should not revert the other one to a rest.

Is that if it’s feasible to enter the sum of the note values (in what will appear as a chain of tied notes)? If so its not alway possible to do that - I think.

You don’t need to cut a tied note to enter a time signature.

Go into note input mode and put the cursor at the first beat of the new bar - even part way through an existing note, if you want.

Press M to get the “measure” box and type your time signature.

But a tool to cut ties would be useful for some other editing operations!

I can’t get that to work ay all, Rob

Shift-M, not M.

yes, but I can’t find a way of just selecting the second note of a pair of tied notes! If the second tied note starts the bar selecting that note inserts a time sig at the start of the first tied note. I have noticed though that you can copy existing time sigs Sibelius-fashion - that works ok.

Ah! Press Return to show the caret, then position it where you want the time signature. Then, press Shift-M.

Yes, I see now. Although the caret pops up at the start of the first tied note you can ‘arrow’ it along to where you want to insert. Thanks.

No problem. If you want to move the caret quickly to the start of the next bar, use Ctrl-Right.

Thanks guys! That made me more optimistic :slight_smile: