Time Signature Change

Hi All

I have a project in Cubase 8.5 in 4/4 time. I need a bar in 2/4 then back to 4/4. When I input 2/4 in the usual way’s it changes the whole project to 2/4 from the start.

If I revert to Cubase 8 it works as expected.

Am I doing something wrong in 8.5

Thanks in advance.

Ah, yes, this has changed…
In Cubase 8, when you changed the time signature via the Transport window, it effectively inserted a new event with the current value, at the current Play Cursor position.
But in Cubase 8.5, performing the same operation now changes the most recent existing time signature event.
So, indeed, you now need to insert an event at the desired location first.
But, on the “plus” side, :wink:, you can now do the same thing with Tempo events, when the tempo is set to “Track” mode.