Time signature changed in MIDI track

Hey everyone,

I’ve been having this problem for a few months now. Whenever I start a new project, time signature is set to 4/4. I never use tracks to change the signature, since we’re using Cubase at school with children who work mainly in 4/4.

So, initially there are four slim lines and then a thicker one, to delimit bars. Like this:
Cubase 1.jpg
But then, when I click the MIDI track, inside it there’s a whole new world - that of a 5/4 time signature, like this:
Cubase 1.jpg
The “Mystic 05” track in the first caption is the same as what is shown in the second one. I’ve looked through every grid and/or quantize setup, but there is no explanation to why this happens.

Also, during composing, it has happened that the time signature on the Transport Panel suddenly changed to 3/4, but the grid inside a random MIDI track remained 5/4.

You can understand my frustration, as it is almost impossible for kids to quantize their work unless they have their visual markers.

Thank you for your time,
Cubase 2.jpg

It’s because you do not have the ruler set to bars/beats.

That was it. Thanks.