Time Signature changes GA3 on C4

Hi guys,
I have one time signature change in a song. The GA3 copes when I have the drums playing straight out of it, but if I try to record the GA3 output onto a MIDI track in the project, GA3 gets lost after the time signature change.
The chnage is from 4/4 to 2/4 for one bar and then back to 4/4. I’ve noticed when the 2/4 bar comes along (which is bar 44 of the song) the GA3 counts bar 43 normally, then 44th bar it desplays as 87 and then goes back on track to diusplay the bar 45. So it’s obviously getting thrown off by it. (why the hell would it count 43, 87, 45)
Anyone experienced anything like this before.
I’ve owned GA3 for about 4 years and I never ever had a song without a problem with it. Very annoyed with this VST.
Anyway, if anyone can help, I’d be most graetfull.