Time signature changes when I drag n drop in midi file

I have a project @ 90bpm 6/8

When I drag in a 6/8 midi file from superior drummer 2 (fully updated) the time signature changes to 4/4 on the midi track but only where their is midi data on the track where their is none the time signature stays @ 6/8.

Also i have mentioned before when i drag in a midi file from SD2 on to the existing midi track for SD it creates a new midi track lower down in the project and sometimes cubase will freeze and after a few seconds unfreeze and it has loaded up halion se in vst plugins :question: :question: :question:

You can see it happening in the short video below…i dont have a clue whats wrong maybe their is a setting i dont know about in this perticular project.but SD is buggy in C6 (for me).i have no idea any help would be great.



Did you resolve this issue. I’m having the Same problem by drag and dropping midi from Studio Drummer. My time signature changes from 4/4 to 4/2.

Hi exodus sorry for the late reply im not on here much at the moment.
Anyway i never resolved the issue as i stopped working on that particular song i will be going back to it in the new year but im now on C7.5.Hopefully its not doing it anymore superior drummer has had a couple of updates too so fingers crossed.
what version of cubase are you using? Interesting that you are experiencing the same issue with a different VI.

Having the same issue, also when dragging form Groove Agent!
How to solve that?

What version of cubase are you using?

Anyone resolved this problem?
i have cubase 5
if i go to 7 or 8 will the problem be resolved?

pm me for all instructions