Time signature color

Engraving “color” attribute, contrary to most elements, doesn’t seem to have an effect on the time signature.

This is true for many types of objects. You have to try it to see whether it will work.
For more discussion, see this thread from last October.

No, that’s not it. That’s a bug that has now been fixed. If I deselect items today, I get a blank (gray) lower zone page.
This bug is different, because it’s specific to the time signature: the scaling works, but the color does not.

I see. But other than hiding the controls when deselecting (thank you), I think the other point from that discussion still stands: {Disabling the Color control when it won’t work on an object} is not regarded as important – partly because they may make it work for more types of objects in the future.

Oh, ok, I understand.
From the user perspective is still a bug though.
In a professional software, if something is incomplete, it’s better to disable the button that does something that doesn’t yet work.

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