Time signature disappears when condensing…

Dear fellow Doricians,

While working on Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony, I have stumbled upon this problem, which I cannot solve. Here’s a cutdown project that demonstrates the problem. The trumpets are in 3/4 along with the timpani, while the rest of the orchestra is in 9/8. The trumpet’s time signature is not hidden, but does not appear in the condensed view. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it on the forum before. The project attached is a dorico file, with its suffix changed to .zip
Tchaikovski – Symphonie №4 op.36 – I cut down.zip (766 KB)

So far as I know, local time signatures are not shown in condensed staves, but I’ll verify that with my colleague Andrew on Tuesday.

Dear Daniel,
You are absolutely right, I did not realise until now. Every other spot in that score with local time signatures are flawed in the condensed version. I suppose this is something to be fixed in due course. In the meantime, I wonder if some workaround could work… I’ll dig that.

Hi Marc,
You could create the time signature as a playing technique, enter it in galley view in write mode (copy to staff below or above accordingly, so the phrases to be condensed do not change), and move the playing technique in engrave mode. If the independent time signature is shown in another staff (Timbales in your example) the spacing should be no problem, otherwise you could use the note spacing tool to create the needed space for the time signature-playing technique.