Time signature doesn't print from the score in Cubase 11

From the score editor in Cubase 11 when I print my chart to a PDF file, The ‘‘Time signature’’ doesn’t appear on the PDF !
The same project file print it correctly when I open and print from Cubse 7 !

More info please.

I just sent you a screen shot from Cubase and you can see the TIME SUGATUE 4/4 _ 3/4 _ 5/4
I printed the same screen on a PDF file and the TIME SIGNATURE is not there !

Sorry, but I don’t see any screen shots. Did you upload it with your forum post?

In Cubase 11 have you done anything to troubleshoot or fix the problem? If so, what have you done?

I don’t how to upload the screen shot and the PDF ?

If I print the same file from Cubase 7, the time signature is there but not from Cubase 11 !

I don’t know what to do to fix the problem, that’s why I’m contacting you

Test.pdf (637.3 KB)

Test-Screen Shot.pdf (285.2 KB)

It looks like the time sig is very tiny actually, So you need to set the size correctly.

Score Settings>Project>Font Settings
Set the Time Signatures to the desired value.

Test-3.pdf (884.0 KB)

At 48 !
Not normal, I never changed it, I’ve been using Cubase since the very first versions !

Possibly your prefs are corrupt, so you should check that by starting Cubase in Safe Mode

Boîte de dialogue Mode sans échec.

At 72
Test-4.pdf (814.6 KB)

I started it in safe mode, disabled the preferences and it’s still the same problem !
When I magmify the view let say from 100% to 200% the time signature doesn’t change and if I put it at 300% it’s even smaller ! it size follow the percentage in Cubase 7 !

Hi Alain,
Do you always open the same project?
Start with a fresh empty project and see if the time signature is ok.

If the new project is ok, (close it and) open your existing project and try this:
set the Score Settings dialog as in the screenshot posted by @steve, then click Default, and Apply.
And see what you get.

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YA !.. It works,
But I can not change the font or size, the problem comes back !

Maybe if you zip and upload a simple 1 track project we can see what’s going on.

I saved a new fresh score setting that I import in my previous projet and it’s all OK now.
Then I believe my previous score settingfile was corrupt.

Thanks a lot for your time.

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