time signature font

Is there a font that works other than the default? looking for something straight(er), like Arial (which just creates 2 up-arrows).
As for extra-large time signatures, I think that had already been discussed a long time ago, and isn’t available at the moment. But is it planned to implement that soon, with one of the next updates?

That’s strange. All the fonts I selected (including Arial) produced normal bar numbers.
As to your second question, Daniel has often said on this forum that the Dorico team cannot predict when features will be implemented and he asked us politely to stop asking.

sorry, I misstated the subject!

No, I’m afraid you can’t currently change the font used for time signatures, except to another SMuFL-compliant font, because the characters are taken from their SMuFL locations inside Bravura.

thanks, is it intended to make that available some day?

also, another font question -
what about the font for multi-measure numbers? don’t seem to be able to find that anywhere

Yes, of course in the fullness of time it will be possible to customise all of these things, including multi-bar rest numbers.