Time signature is greyed out in score editor

Must be something I changed somewhere, but the time signature in the score editor is always greyed out, and won’t let me open the editor to change it.
Couldn’t find anything in the 7.0 manual - this is 7.5.
Anyone know how I can straighten this out? Thanks.
Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 1.24.33 PM.png

Should only happen when you actually hide the sig. Do you mean always, as in even in new empty projects where you add just one midi track?

Thanks for your answer Steve.
It happens always, new projects, old projects, empty projects.
I even “reset hidden”.
I thought it might be a preference, since the same thing happens to the key signatures when you apply “key signature to entire project”, but I can’t find anything.

Hm… Sounds like you have the Project Layer deactivated in the Tools Line in Score Edit.

That’s exactly it, Steve. It’s back to normal.
Your knowledge and helpfulness is much appreciated!

:wink: You’re welcome.