Time signature issue

I’ve come across a strange little situation.
I have a section of a large piece, mostly in 5/4. There are two measures of 6/4, together, in the midst of all this fivishness.

Except there’s a Signpost at the second measure measure, that says “6/4 (q,3+3)”.
If I delete this Signpost, then an unwanted time signature of 6/4 appears (making it two successive measures both marked 6/4).

If I leave it alone, the two measures don’t condense in parts into a 2-bar multi-measure rest. This is the issue. It’s not condensing in the parts, and if I try to remove it, it makes an unwanted time signature.

Has anyone come across this problem? Any hints at what I must have done wrong at some point to get this result?

(link to the same question, but on Facebook)

Not sure why you get a time signature in the first 6/4 measure and a signpost in the next, but what would happen it you delete the signpost but hide the second 6/4 time signature, at least until someone figures out what is happening there?

that’s what I have, actually. Though I don’t remember doing this myself.
the first measure has a time signature, the second has nothing but the non-printing Signpost.

my problem now is that for all the instruments not playing in those two measures, I now have simply two empty measures of 6/4, where normally there should be a multi-bar rest.
It’s embarrassing to send that to the printers and distributors.

What happens if you delete the signpost and then delete the time signature that appears (rinse and repeat)?
(I’ve had situations where multiple signposts crop up at the same location for apparently no reason, eventually you can delete them all)

I’ve done this… for nearly an hour, actually! LOL
it’s painstakingly slow because the score is quite long, and it takes time to regenerate score and parts every time I make that change.
but nothing seems to happen. it makes no difference… either I get a time signature, or I get a Signpost.
and whichever it is, in the parts with rests there, I get two distinct measures instead of one multi-measure rest measure.

can you share a slice of the offending passage?

let me see what I can do

here’s the few measures before and the measure after (and a couple of blank measures, just so you can see that it IS creating multi-measure rests in the parts.)

if you check the timpani part (timbales) you’ll see the problem with non-creation of multi-measure rests at that spot, and you can see the Signpost for that measure of 6/4.

annoying_time_signature_issue.dorico (712.5 KB)

I happened to sign on 3 minutes after you posted the score. This is one of those instances where a “special barline” is represented by a signpost, because time sigs make barlines in Dorico.

With the file as posted: Select the barline at the signpost and delete it. The signpost goes too.

The first thing I tried was copying the 6/4 meter to the 2nd 6/4 bar, and I noticed this brought the double-barline with it. That would explain the barline issue: Assigning a single barline from the panel or the popover is not the same as a default barline, although they look identical.

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@Mark_Johnson Brilliant!

Though I was also able to remove the offending signpost by simply deleting the 1st 6/4 and replacing it. Would that overwrite the aberrant barline?

No – The double barline isn’t affected by deleting or replacing that meter, since it must have been added separately in the first place (since double barlines don’t automatically come with meter changes as they do with key changes).

Except the signpost did disappear when I removed the 1st 6/4… and did not reappear when I replaced it.

Fixed the problem! thank-you so much.

I suspect this issue may have popped up when I tried to change the meter of that measure and somehow got missing beats and weird things going on.