Time Signature Layout in Parts - Normal (single stave) & Narrow (div. / div. a3)

Hello Dorico Dev’ team and Dorico hivemind!

Preparing parts for a recording session I came across a specific scenario of which I’m hoping it might be possible, in a future version of Dorico 5+, within the Time Signature Layout Options to have both normal and narrow time signatures available simultaneously, each with a specific purpose in mind.

‘Normal’ time signature sizes for single staves and ‘Narrow’ for 2 or more staves i.e. multi stave instruments, or div. a2 or div. a3.?

Please note, I’m considering this from the perspective of a sight reading session player, who is attempting to sight read and play flawlessly previously unseen material from a part that is recorded in 3-5 takes before the next cue goes on the stand.

Of the two examples below, its my concern that using the ‘narrow’ time signature setting on a single stave runs the risk of a time signature being missed or misread, but the ‘normal’ setting is completely excessive for multi-staves.

Below are two examples to show how the time signatures can look, given the two options currently available in Dorico 5.

Example 1, the ‘Normal’ setting has a very readable single stave time signature, but the double/triple stave time signatures are unnecessarily large.

Example 2, the 'Narrow setting has, to my reckoning, appropriately sized double/triple stave time signatures, however the single stave time signature is to small and not sight readable.

I know I’m being greedy, but, would it be possible to have both options please? A ‘normal’ time signature size for single staves, that automatically switches to the ‘narrow’ setting for multi-stave sections?

Thanks for hearing me out!

The closest thing to help you out might be in Engraving Options>Time Signatures>Time Signatures Centered on Brackets> Scale Factor.

Thanks Muz, within the current limitations of Engraving and Layout options, your right that’s a potential solution, though it is a compromise. Thanks again for you’re Dorico insights!