Time Signature on each line

Is it possible to display a time signature at the beginning of each system (without having a courtesy time signature display at the end of the previous system) in the SAME flow. I am putting a sheet together with exercises. Thanks

I pretty much always use separate flows for each exercise. It’s what Flows were designed for. Unfortunately it’s generally incompatible with Flow Headings, but it’s easy enough to turn them off from Layout Options and just use Text Frames on Master Pages, a la Dorico v1.

The workaround that some other people sometimes use is to start each exercise as a Coda, then hide the Coda sign from the properties panel, and set the Engraving Option for Coda mid-system gap (which also applies at the start of systems) to 0. The only real advantage to this workaround, as far as I’m concerned, is that there’s less fiddling to do with Flow Headings if you actually only want Flow Headings at the top of each page.

Many thanks!