Time signature positioning

Good afternoon

I’m currently on a project that uses 3/2 and 4/4 time signatures. On the score, the time signatures seem to be out of position. Sometimes they collide with a note. I can’t seem to rectify the problem. I’ve attached an example.

Just wondering whether I am doing something wrong.



Hi Andrew,
Welcome to the forum.
I’ve been experiencing similar behavior when using caesuras on beat subdivisions. Might this be the case in your file as well?


Normally this problem arises because there is a caesura created with the mouse in the wrong place, though for completely understandable reason! When you create a caesura, you need to do so with the note at the start of the bar following where you want the caesura to appear selected, rather than clicking with the mouse at the position where you want the caesura to appear graphically. Try deleting the caesura and re-creating it by first selecting the note at the start of the following bar.

… IOW, select the note before which you want the time signature change to occur, then insert the time signature change?

Nope. Not the time signature. The caesura that’s probably caused this glitch, which probably appears earlier on in the score, somewhere to the left of the screenshot’s left side.