Time signature problem?

In this piece, Dorico allows a 3/4 measure of only 2 beats. Also, the bar number is repeated (8 in this case). I attach an image of the problem. If you delete the first 3/4 bar, the bar stays as it is.

I was also able to reproduce the problem. It seems to be related to adding a time signature change in the bar just before another time signature. If the added time signature has the same or more beats as the following measure, then the measure remains incomplete and the bar number is repeated.

I’m also including a Dorico document with the problem.

ts-problem.dorico (525.8 KB)


This is expected behaviour when you change or add a time signature earlier in a flow than an existing time signature.

If you want Dorico to insert extra beats as needed, activate Insert mode before adding/changing time signatures.


And repeating the bar number is also expected behavior? I understand not adding a beat when insert mode is not active (a warning would be very useful), but I think at least the bar number should change.

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Yes, because an incomplete bar is also a pick-up bar.

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Janus and Lillie, thank you both for your comments. They certainly make sense. However, I still think that Dorico should warn the user about such errors.

I disagree. At a certain point one has to learn the program, and of course one should feel comfortable asking here if a search of the manual and this forum do not turn up answers.

For what it’s worth, I also agree that Dorico should warn you about such things. While it’s legitimate for there to be bars where the number of beats disagrees with the time signature shown in them, it’s unusual enough that it should be flagged up for you. This is something we plan to address in future.


Thanks Daniel. I would add that in bars where the number of beats does not match the time signature, the bar number should not be repeated. BTW I love Dorico and congratulations to you all for developing such and amazing tool!!!