Time signature question

In Cubase 6 ,I am working on a project using a prerecorded track that has 4 bars of free tempo audio (no drums) then the rest of the track has drums underneath.In order to add more material,I have used tempo detection then time warping to get pull the second part of the track into line.My problem is that the first few bars are in a triplet feel ie 123 223 323 423, but when using the time warp tool I can’t see a way of getting the grid other than straight 1/4 1/8 etc so the triplets in the audio have no grid to line up to if that makes sense.I tried to insert a few bars of 3/4 time signature to see if that would help but all this does is screw up the following bars that I have got where I want.Anyone got an insight into this?

4 groups of three = 12. Ergo: 12/8 ? If you mean in the same bar. If three per bar then 3/4.

Is it messing up the later 4/4 bars? Then in the Tempo editor (ctrl +T) set the first 3/4 and then at the bar you need to change insert a 4/4 bar (the fifth bar I guess) to correct the timeline.

I hope I’ve got that right. It’s sometimes hard to get the idea from reading. And if I feel I might be confused at least I’m compensated by the fact you will also be confused by my answer. :mrgreen:
If not. Happiness all round.
Burgery! The time warp tool!? Missed that. Sorry. Wrong tree. It may be easier for you to look up “Merge Tempo From Tapping” in the manual. Shorter than it would take me to explain. Quite a simple process which bends the midi to the audio. But again that might be the opposite of what you need. Hm.

Thanks conman…I thinks the bit that has got me is that inserting a different time sig at the start seems to shift the rest of the tempo track along? I will try with a blank project to see if It happens then.

Got it sorted - had to split the file into two.Apply tempo dectection to second part,then insert new time signature (12/8) on tempo track.Then use audio warp to match to average tempo.When I inserted the new time sig,the audio events where shifted back by one bar but the tempo events where moved too so didnt matter.

Still not too sure why inserting different time sig makes the events move?

Did you add a correcting time signature (back to 4/4, say) later on in the piece? After the 12/8. Might straighten things out.