Time Signature question

Hi all I’ve been a long time Cubase user and I’m on 6.5 right now. I was wondering if Cubase 8 can properly deal with simple and compound time signatures? In example, if I’m at 120 bpm at 4/4 and I change to 12/8 will the “pulse” still be 120? (meaning will the quarter note become a dotted quarter and not turn into 6/4) Up until 6.5 Cubase couldn’t do this, but I LOVE this when I use Pro Tools (and DP8 can do this too). I was hoping Cubase Pro 8 made this happen.
Thanks for your time.

No, it will still be 120 quarter-notes (not dotted) to the minute., so you will have to multiply the tempo by 3/2.

Thanks vic, argh so bummed to hear that.

Is this still the only method of setting up the tempo track in compound meter?

There has been no change on this.

Good to know, Thanks!

Good grief! Isn’t this supposed to be a music composition tool? This is core stuff! I’m too scared to check in v9…