Time signature repositions itself in treble clef of grand staff

Yesterday, I added meter changes to a song as in the attached image “Time-sig-normal-2”.

Later, the time sig in the treble clef moved as in the image “Time-sig-problem-2”.

At some point, it moved back into normal position, and later it moved out of position again. I thought I was hallucinating, but this really happened.

I found a couple of things that resolved the issue for a second, but they don’t stick:

  1. time signature moves out of position
  2. select 5/8 time signature
  3. activate “open style” button - nothing happens
  4. de-activate “open style” button - time signature returns to normal position
  5. switch to Engrave mode - problem returns

  6. time signature moves out of position
  7. delete “rall…”
  8. switch to Engrave mode
  9. nothing happens
  10. return to Write mode
  11. Select “Undo”
  12. “rall…” returns, and time signature problem resolves
  13. switch to Engrave mode - problem returns


We know we’re having some trouble with “dancing” gradual tempo markings… but I think it’s the first time I read it also affects time signatures !

Do you happen to have any off beat caessuras prior to the time signatures? If so, they are the ones making the mess. There are a few threads on the topic where Daniel explains the limitation, as well as providing a solution

Not sure what you mean by “off-beat”, but I do have a caesura right before the meter change, as shown in image 2b.

Moving it to the location in image 2c seems to resolve the problem.

Here’s one of the threads: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=107607&p=659961

Thanks, Anders!