Time signature selection

Where there is a time signature with a corresponding courtesy signature, I can only select the courtesy, not the actual time signature at the start of the next bar.
It’s not a big problem but seems weird?

As Walter Cronkite used to say: “That’s the way it is.”

Well, I humbly ask for this to be put on the list of requests.
Unless someone can justify its logicality to me…

Dorico perhaps thinks about this a bit differently than you do. You can’t select things in the preamble, the fixed material shown at the start of every system, except in the special case of the preamble at the start of the flow. All of that material is just reminder material, telling you the current state of things at the start of that system. The actual change of time signature happens at the end of the previous system. Obviously I understand that the time signature at the end of the system and the one at the start of the following system are, to you and me, really the same thing. Perhaps in the future we can change this, but it’s not a high priority.

I agree not a high priority. I don’t think of them the same as each other. To me, the time signature is a property of the new bar. Without that bar, the time signature change wouldn’t exist. The time signature at the end of the previous system is a simple ‘courtesy’. If courtesy signatures are switched off, I can select the one at the start of the bar.

Heh, as you well know, there’s no option not to display “courtesy” time signatures in Dorico, and nor do I expect there ever will be. (This is what multiple flows are for: if the music is continuous, then you must show the time signature change at the end of the system.)

Ugh… sorry… not being snarky…
This shows how much I’ve integrated flows into my brain.
You are (as always) absolutely right - I’m clicking one at the beginning of a new flow.
I do love hiding stuff…but you’re winning me over!