Time Signature showing up twice on a percussion instrument change

This is a percussion part, and I’m using time signatures in system object positions. At this point, there is a change of instruments at the same time as a time signature change, and two instances of the time signature show up on top of each other (it also happens if the change is to a different unpitched percussion instrument). Any ideas?

Welcome to the forum, @aCrispyDot. Can you attach the project itself in which this problem is occurring? It would be helpful if you could cut it down to the smallest chunk required to reproduce the issue.

issue recreation.dorico (752.3 KB)
Hi Daniel, thanks for the reply! I’ve attached a project which recreates the issue - upon further inspection, it seems to happen to all system objects if (and only if) the player in question is selected as a soloist in the players menu.

Edit: not all system objects - maybe any situated at an instrument change or the start of a flow? Not sure.