Time signature with "insert mode" problem

Please see attached videos. I splited into two parts, because it’s too long.
I would like to insert one 8th rest at the end of bar nr 38. This is, what I am doing:

  1. Create 2/4 at the bar 39
  2. Click „insert mode”
  3. Create 2/4 + 1/8 in bar 38

The result: time signature is changing, but there is no space for additional 8th. It is not about spacing, because I can’t write or copy-paste anything there.
What am I doing wrong?
Time signature 2.zip (1.86 MB)
Time signature 1.zip (848 KB)

Del_Gesu - I believe Dorico can’t at the moment “insert” time across multiple staves. Also, “insert mode” is about inserting notes, not time signatures (basically another way to say what I mentioned in the first sentence). The procedure that will work is this:

  1. Change your 2/4 bar in measure 38 to a 2/4 + 1/8 bar (insert mode does not need to be engaged or could be - it doesn’t matter).
  2. Create a 2/4 bar in measure 39
  3. For each stave, get the caret showing in bar 38, Type a 5 (for eighth note), and with Insert Mode on and Rest Mode on (the comma key), position the cursor at the last eighth note of the bar and add your 8th rest by typing any pitch key command (A, B, C, D, E, F, or G).

Actually, you can. This is a very useful feature added in 1.2. From the version history document:

Inserting time signatures. > When adding a time signature with Insert mode switched on, time is inserted before any later time signature to ensure that the bar prior to the later time signature is always the correct length.

However, it doesn’t seem to work with interchangable time signatures. I would add a 5/8 meter instead, deactivate insert mode, and then change it to 2/4 + 1/8.

Wow! Did not know that. Thanks for pointing that out Anders. This make life easier, but apparently, as you say, doesn’t seem to happily work with Aggregate Time Signatures. Dorico’s rapid growth and added features (as well as implemented user requests) can cause many of these clever work-arounds a relic of the past!

Thank you for all advices. The problem was with combined time signatures, like 2/4 + 1/8. I didn’t know that.
Now everything is clear.