Time signature

Tell me please in what way I can to make such a Time signature (meter)? https://yadi.sk/i/LfhFADxF36Z4yT
Thank you.

Unfortunately at present Dorico does not provide any features for drawing time signatures outside the staff, or large time signatures, as sometimes used in conductors scores for commercial music and film, but we plan to add this capability in future.

Thank you! I’ll wait))

Feature request: I write music with frequent meter changes so I would really like Dorico to be able to display time signatures like this:


Go to Engrave > Font Styles, select the ‘Time signatures font’ style, and override the size: try 24pt or even 28pt and see what you think.

Yes, this is very close! Can I put a little space between the two numbers so it’s very clear?


Also, is it possible to use a font other than Bravura? This is what I’m currently using in Sibelius:

PostScript name TempoTime
Full name TempoTime
Family TempoTime
Style Regular
Kind PostScript Type1
Version 001.000
Location /Library/Fonts/TempoTime.bmap (active copy)
Unique name TempoTime
Trademark Copyright © 2001, Bill Duncan - G. William Music Production
Enabled Yes
Duplicate No
Copy protected No
Glyph count 120
Other copies /Library/Fonts/TempoTime.bmap (original) (inactive copy)


Unfortunately it’s not easy to use another font at the moment: only a SMuFL-compliant font will do. In the future we will certainly make it easier to substitute other fonts.

Okay, thanks.


Hey Daniel, I know I’ve been a pain in the butt before about this subject, and I’m sorry to nag. Unfortunately, after buying Dorico at the initial release, and being so excited, the lack of being able to substitute/customize the look of my time sigs has kept me on Sibelius.
I still have high hopes for Dorico, but the font thing is a real buster. (on a side note, is it possible to change the font of a tuplet number? I haven’t been back to Dorico 6 months, I forget, sorry).
I have to keep consistent with the look of my scores, as it’s sort of my brand. Any chance you could give a hint when the ability to alter the fonts of different numerical symbols will come around?
I mean, if it’s in a month or two, then I’d get practicing on Dorico now, but if it’s a year or so, then I can save my time. Would greatly appreciate a honest rough estimation. I know you guys are doing your best. Keep it up
Thanks so much.

You will definitely be able to change the font used for time signatures in the next release. However, I’m afraid it is unlikely that you will be able to change the font used for tuplet numbers in the next release. Our plan in that area is to provide a dialog in which all of the musical symbols that Dorico uses – everything from clefs to flags to tuplet numbers to bracket tips and more besides – so that you can choose an individual symbol and edit its appearance, change its font or size, etc. This dialog will not be in the next release, but I hope it won’t be too far away.