time signatures acting weirdly

I’m using trial version of Dorico (newest version) and i’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature (:D) but if I change the time signature in the middle of the piece, the actual length of the bar doesn’t change.


Dorico will only rebar as far as the next existing time signature, unless you turn on Insert mode (I). Either turn on Insert mode before you add the 6/4 time signature, or put the caret where you need the extra beats and type Shift+B +2q Enter (or however many extra quarters/crotchets you need).

Thanks! Do you know what’s the logic behind this?

People add time signatures in the middle of existing music for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes they want to push or pull the following music, moving the existing time signatures with the music. Sometimes they want to push or pull the following music but leave the existing time signatures exactly where they are. Sometimes they’re working with film and specific hitpoints in the following music need to line up with things that are happening visually.

Sometimes one wants Dorico to automatically insert or delete time, but not always. If you want Dorico to insert (or remove) time in the middle of a flow, you have to turn on Insert mode.

One of the big benefits of Dorico is that it uses the concept of rhythmic position rather than position within bars, meaning that if you change the time signature from 2/4 to 3/4, you don’t end up with an extra empty beat at the end of every bar: instead the barlines move around the notes, leaving the positions of notes relative to each other (e.g. the flute enters 2 beats after the violin) intact and untouched. So Dorico won’t insert extra time unless you tell it to, although I do understand how when this relates to the last bar in a section not having the number of beats according to a new, changed time signature, that’s often not desired.