Time Signatures and Locking the grid??

Is there a way to lock the grid to time signatures when dealing with multiple songs in the same session?

Definitely not trying to get into a workflow discussion with this one, but say I have 8 songs worth of scratch guitars for preprodcution in the same session all set to multiple time signatures. If for some reason you need to change the signatures on the first track this will obviously alter your entire grid by either adding or subtracting bars and throw off songs depending on the arrangement. Is there a way to lock the tracks/signatures so the entire performance with signatures and tempo changes will shift automatically with the grid when the changes are made on tracks in front of said tracks?

Thank you in advance!

Are your 8 songs placed sequentially, or simultaneously? In the former case, there is no problem… just insert the appropriate Time Signature/Tempo at the start of each song.
In the 2nd case, you could make use of the new Versions function, such that each song (which is presumably starting at the same place) will call up its own Version of the Signature track and Tempo track.

Thanks for the response Vic. The songs are placed sequentially and I actually do have the time signatures in place at the beginning of each song and throughout. However, with any adjustment with signatures to a previous track, will naturally modify the overall grid and of course throw the whole mess out of sync. Which actually makes perfect sense but I thought there might be a preference or setting that would lock tracks to the grid as is it increases or decreases.

Probably hoping for a miracle that doesn’t exist but thought it wouldn’t hurt asking. I have to believe several people have encountered this but maybe I’m the only lunkhead. :mrgreen:

I presume you cut the songs up and space them accordingly. In preparation you could try putting one or several dummy 4/4 bars between each song as buffers so that if you amend an earlier signature you can adjust one of the “buffer” sigs with less headscratching doing it within another song with odd time sigs.
I’d do a couple of dummy runs to see how that would work for you as a routine. 8 songs would seem to be fairly manageable. Hope that makes sense.
Could be a case for a feature request. “Lock time / tempo buffer ranges” so that time / tempo events to the right of the buffers cannot be affected by changes done before / left of, the buffers.