Time signatures and the system track

Hi all,

I’ve read posts about copying and pasting time signatures using the system track, but I haven’t seen in those posts exactly how one goes about this. Everything I try either a) does not result in time signatures being copied, or b) copies everything, including restating clefs. I have tried selecting a passage on the staves, then choosing “time signatures” with the filter, but the time signatures do not appear selected and certainly do not paste. In fact, I don’t understand what the “time signatures” item is for in the filter if it does not select the time signatures.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


  1. Use the System Track to make a selection.
  2. Click the square to the right of the System Track selection in order to select everything in that region.
  3. Filter Time Signatures.
  4. Copy and paste, or Alt+click to the new position.

I’ve just tried it - it definitely works here.

I must have been doing something totally wrong, because it’s working – which is good. Thank you!