Time signatures appear in the score two bars too late. How do I move them?

Hello folks

Working on a large orchestral piece just now, and most of my time is spent in the Score Editor.

I don’t know exactly how but somehow my tinkering has caused the time signatures to go a bit out of sync.
It’s not a disaster, most of the piece is in 6/8, but every now and then there is a 9/8 or a 5/4 or a 4/4 and I noticed they are - in terms of the actual time signature as it appears in the score - coming too late.
I don’t know exactly where in the score the problem begins, but from that point on all the time signatures are two bars behind where they should be.
So the piece is chugging a long in 6/8, then there’s a brief bit that is rhythmically 4/4, but the 4/4 time signature doesn’t actually appear until two bars later.
Does this make sense?
Is there any way that I can somehow move the… grid(?) … two bars earlier? I don’t want any of the notes or CC or automation to move, just the ‘matrix’ of the time signatures.

This is probably a really simple thing but I get awfully befuddled!



Could you attach a screenshot from the Project window + the Score Editor, to see the shift (or show the Score Editor in the Lower Zone), please?

Have you tried to restart Cubase?

Thanks for getting back to me Martin.

I can send some screenshots when I’m back later, although I’m not sure how that will help.

I should be clear: I’m not saying this is a bug or anything.
I think I have probably at some point inserted or removed a couple of bars earlier in the project, and I’ve done it in such a way that it has offset all subsequent time signature placement.
Or something like that.
I just need to know how to get everything back into alignment.


You should be able to open the Tempo track editor and simply move the time signatures.


Thank you very much Steve - this might just do the trick!